We have a variety of microgreens for subscription and bulk orders. For chefs and local grocery stores please contact me for a recent bulk price sheet. Hope to hear from you soon!

Fresh , Local
and Sustainable

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Fresh & Local

No fertilizers.No pesticides. All plants are grown in 100% Certified Food Safe Plastics . Microbloom also uses no animal products, just water and organic non-GMO seeds.



We have a variety of microgreens , edible flowers and exotic herbs for chefs, bakers or just health nuts that use them for flavour enhancement, colourful garnishes and a highly nutritious food.


Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is viable for the future of agriculture and farming. At Microbloom Microgreens our hydroponics are running on a closed-loop system filled with organic nutrient-filled water in order to achieve the right growth for beautiful produce. This means we are using 95% less water than most conventional farmers and also cutting down co2 emissions by keeping things local and avoiding freight food shipping.

MICROBLOOM provides delicious hydroponic microgreens, edible flowers and exotic herbs to local chefs, grocers and subscribers in the Vancouver area.


Our goal is to offer sustainable greens with a high nutritional value.